Annual Art Exhibition at IMX

December 6, 2019

The opening ceremony of the 4th Annual Art Exhibition at IMX Auto Group was beautiful and memorable. Each December IMX Auto Group provides platform to talented local artists to celebrate the art and enjoy a night of music, light and color within the frameworks of its corporate social responsibility strategy. 

This year the Exhibition showcased the diverse and vibrant art works of 30 local artists. 

As the organizer of the Exhibition, Mrs. Narine Aghajanian emphasized, “I strongly believe that fine art and classical music have significant educational importance in each and every society, thus should be wildly supported and largely promoted by all means. This year we also want to support Burbank Arts For All Foundation (BAFA), whose mission is to ensure every student in Burbank public schools receives a quality arts education”. 

Mr. Tom Vice, BAFA Co-Chair mentioned in his speech, that they believe the arts are transformative for kids and all students should have equal access to a quality art education that nurtures a balanced approach to life and further enriches a healthy community and creative economy in Burbank.   

Hundreds of guests enjoyed magic of art and magnificent classical music of Mr. Suren Mkrtchyan, the winner of Sayat Nova Pan Armenian Competition in 2001, who has a special performance during the exhibition. 

Joanna Kos is one of the 30 artists who represented her works during the Art Exhibition. It is second year she participated and she mentioned that this exhibition was very-well organized and was very beautiful. 

Organizer Mrs. Aghajanian extended her special thanks to Jamie Butterworth, Chris Filian, Varaz Ohanyan, Voskan Galstian, Arsho Isagulyan, Anahit Arutchyan, and Michael Aghajanian for their creativity, energy and enthusiasm, who contributed for bringing this exhibition into life.


Annual Art Exhibition at IMX - IMX Auto Group

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