“Body Nerd Garage” training at IMX Auto Group

Alex describes herself as a self-care + wellness coach, occasional yogi and body nerd. She is organizing physical trainings to teach people how to use movement smarter to be healthy and happy while getting more flexible and forgetting about all types of pain and aches. Alex is more than sure that “You are not YOU when you are in pain”, so she is ready to help to “change the unchangeable so you can feel amazing every day”.

Her search for a suitable, nice and free of charge space for her upcoming training was completed with success, as someone from Nextdoor app that Alex used for her search, highly recommended IMX Auto Group. She contacted IMX and her training with all the details was all set within matter of minutes.

Alex looks like sunshine, in addition to her degree in Exercise Biology and significant experience in athletic training and physical therapy. She arrived to IMX Auto Group all smiley and full of enthusiasm on early Saturday morning, for her 2-day long physical workshop, which she calls “Body Nerd Garage”.

IMX Auto Group Gallery, which usually used to be a nicely decorated with modern artworks showroom for Burbank dealership customers, had quickly and carefully transformed into a wellness classroom managed by beautiful and enthusiastic founder of AEWellness. The red sofa, black armchairs and modern glass tables made way for yoga mats, warm blankets and nice goody bags dedicated to each participant of the training. Bronze sculptures of the gallery watched all the changes in proud silence from their solid dark stands.

IMX Auto Group was proud to be able to provide space to Alex and in return she was thankful to IMX for supporting her initiative. “Body Nerd Garage” training was dynamic, interesting and useful. Alex’s knowledge and expertise were deeply interwoven with her positive energy, personal charm and strong belief, which resulted a successful training while promoting healthy lifestyle, painless self-care and consistency in life.


“Body Nerd Garage” training at IMX Auto Group - IMX Auto Group

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